Foo Fighters rock, even geoscientists agree

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Two seismic stations in the Auckland GeoNet seismic network recorded the ground literally rocking to the Foo Fighters gig at Western Springs on Tuesday night.  The Herne Bay and Eden Park stations are 1.5 and 2km from the Western Springs venue and recorded a strong low frequency signal associated with the Foo Fighters gig.

The first vibrations were recorded around 7:30pm, part way through the Tenacious D set, but the biggest shakes started at 8:20pm when the Foo Fighters took the stage, and then it all went quiet at 11pm when the gig ended.

The concert vibrations were recorded as a semi continuous harmonic signal with a peak osculation of 3Hz, meaning that the ground was shaking 3 times per second in a nice rhythmic motion.
Foo Fighters go seismic

The cause of the shaking is most likely the weight of the 50000 fans dancing, as 50000 fans is equal to around 5000 tonnes of mass moving on the ground for the duration of the concert.

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